Naval/Postcard Questions

    Naval Questions:
  1. When was the WWI dazzle camouflage removed from U.S. warships?
  2. Between 1900-1918 what types of fire control were used on different warships?
  3. When did the Japanese cruiser "Aso" visit the United States? From the view I'm trying to date, I have narrowed it down to between 1908 and 1913
  4. Was the French Sloop "Kersaint" ever in Vladivostock?
  5. The Aircraft Carrier "Saratoga" went through the Panama Canal when before 1939?
  6. When did the "Tennessee" (launched 1906) arrive at Honolulu?
  7. Looking for history for many small obscure ships in my collection.

Can someone identify what is happening and the size of the gun? I have no idea.

    Postcard Questions:
  1. I have information concerning when divided backs were allowed in the U.S.A., I was wondering if anyone had specific information on when it was allowed in other countries?