WWW Naval Postcard Collector List

WWW Naval Postcard Collector List

Name Naval Collecting Interest Email Address
Charlie Bashow WWII to modern, mainly Canadian and German naval ships and sailors sheles@mail.kayhay.com
Floyd Bright WWII and post-WWII U.S. surface warships brightf@telebyte.com
Robert Cieri U.S. Navy, mainly pre-WWII rcieri@us.oracle.com
Rob Clifford U.S. Navy, mainly pre-WWII Rmclifford@aol.com
Les Cowman Great White Fleet peugeot@netdocs.com
Bill Crosby World Subs, especially A-H Subs CrosOne@aol.com
Dick Fowler Early 1900s and Aircraft Carriers ebenezer@metrolink.net
John Good Br & Australian warships ljgood@ozemail.com.au

Richard A. Hall

WWI & WWII German U-Boats


Michael Leonard USN destroyers & cruisers mike.leonard@erols.com
Cheryl Morris Great White Fleet camorris@mars.ark.com
Roger Newman Naval Comic postcards rogermichael.newman@ntlworld.com
Gary Perkins Great White Fleet and U.S. post 1900 GOPERK@aol.com
Tim Perkins US destroyers oridge@frontiernet.net
Henry Sabuda WWI US Battleships (BB26-48) henry.sabuda@exeloncorp.com
Herb Shemwell Great White Fleet cshemwel@falcon.cc.ukans.edu
Bill Stewart Great White Fleet bill@greatwhitefleet.info
Atle Wilmar Norwegian warships awilmar@online.no

last updated: Nov 30, 2006 (updated Henry Sabuda)

If you are a fellow naval warship collector who has been surfing the web and would like better contacts with fellow collectors, email me and I will add your email, name, and collecting interest to this list.