Battle of Tsushima

May 27, 1905

The Battle of Tsushima was one of the most decisive naval battles in history. In July of 1904 Admiral Rojdestvensky set sail with the Baltic fleet to replace losses incurred at the beginning of the Russo-Japanese war in the Pacific and to face the Japanese Admiral Togo in what would be hoped a decisive battle. The Russian navy was confident in defeating the Japanese with their amased fleet on its way to the Pacific. After the Japanese discovered the Russian fleet on May 26, 1905 they shadowed the Russian fleet until the following day when Admiral Togo and his fleet crossed in front of the Russian fleet and the Battle of Tsushima had begun. The battle was a massacre for the Russians. After the loss of the flagship the Russian fleet seemed to fall to pieces. Of the 45 ships in the Russian fleet, only two destroyers and the light cruiser Almaz reached the Russian port of Vladivostock. Six other smaller ships reached neutral ports where they were interned. The rest of the fleet was either sunk, beached, or surrendered to the Japanese. The Japanese only lost three torpedo boats. Japanese casualties were approximately 600 compared to the approximate 6000 Russians killed.

Listed below are the warships involved in the battle with links to postcards from my collection of the ship.


Battleships and Coast defence ships

  • Kniaz Suvorov
  • Orel
  • Borodino
  • Alexander III
  • Osliabia
  • Sissio Veliki
  • Navarin
  • Nikolai I
  • General Admiral Graf Apraxin
  • Admiral Ushakov
  • Admiral Seniavin

Armoured Cruisers


  • 6 Light Cruisers
  • 10 Destroyers



Armoured Cruisers


  • 65 torpedo boats and destroyers