Battle of Jutland

May 31-June 1, 1916

The Battle of Jutland was the largest naval battle in WWI. Both the Germans and British claimed victory but neither side won outright like at the Battle of Tsushima in 1905 where the Russian fleet was virtually sunk by the Japanese.

The British had the advantage of numbers but could not capitalize on them. The Germans sank more warships than the British did.

Listed below are the capital ships involved in the battle with links to postcards from my collection of the ships. Note that some of the views are after WWI.

Great Britain

Grand Fleet


1st Battle Squadron

2nd Battle Squadron

4th Battle Squadron

1st Cruiser Squadron

2nd Cruiser Squadron

4th Light Cruiser Squadron

Attached Light Cruisers

4th Destroyer Flotilla

11th Destroyer Flotilla

12th Destroyer Flotilla

Attached Vessels

3rd Battle Cruiser Squadron (loaned from the Battle Cruiser Force)


1st Battle Cruiser Squadron

2nd Battle Cruiser Squadron

5th Battle Squadron (loaned from Grand Fleet)

1st Light Cruiser Squadron

2nd Light Cruiser Squadron

3rd Light Cruiser Squadron

1st Destroyer Flotilla

9th & 10th Destroyer Flotillas (combined)

13th Destroyer Flotilla

Seaplane carrier Engadine


High Seas Fleet


3rd Squadron

1st Battle Squadron

2nd Squadron

4th Scouting Group

Torpedoboat Flotillas

1st Torpedoboat Flotilla

3rd Torpedoboat Flotilla

5th Torpedoboat Flotilla

7th Torpedoboat Flotilla


1st Scouting Group

2nd Scouting Group

Torpedoboat Flotillas

2nd Torpedoboat Flotilla

6th Torpedoboat Flotilla

9th Torpedoboat Flotilla