Battle of Dogger Bank

January 24, 1915

A German force of four battlecruisers with cruisers and destroyers were sent out to Dogger Bank with the intention of disrupting the British fishing fleet there and sinking their escorts. As well, a surprise engagement with light scouting forces was also hoped for. Winston Churchill received news of the plan and composiition of the German force (via decoders) only an hour and a half after German Admiral Hipper had received his instructions. Various British forces were dispatched to the area. The German force fled from the two British battlecruiser squadrons, resulting in only the Blucher sunk.

Great Britain

Vice-Admiral Beatty

1st Battlecruiser Squadron , Vice-Admiral Beatty

2st Battlecruiser Squadron , Rear-Admiral Moore


Rear-Admiral Hipper

1st Scounting Group, Rear-Admiral Hipper