Chilean Navy

The foundation of the Chilean navy came about during the Chilean independence where the British naval officer Lord Cochrane displayed outstanding success. The Chilean navy grew into a well trained and employed navy in South America. In 1865 she supported Peru in a war with Spain. This led to the expansion of the navy, and was well prepared in 1879 when war would break out with Peru. The war was closely watched by foreign powers intersted in seeing the new naval technology in action. The war ended in total victory for Chile. In the revolution in 1891 the world saw the first successful use of the self-propelled torpedo against an armoured ship. The navy would not see further expansion until late in the 1890s.

Almirante Cochrane, Central Battery Ship, launched Jan 25, 1874. She was rebuilt 1897-1900 as a Gunnery and Torpedo School ship. She was scrapped around 1935.

Almirante Lynch, Torpedo Gunboat, launched in 1890, Almirante Lynch class (2 ships). She was reconstructed in 1900. In around 1910 she was renamed Tome. She was discarded circa 1920.

Presidente Errazuriz, Cruiser, launched June 21, 1890, Presidente Errazuriz class (2 ships). She was refitted in 1908. Circa 1920 she was discarded.

Presidente Pinto, Cruiser, launched June 21, 1890, Presidente Errazuriz class (2 ships). Circa 1920 she was discarded.

General Baquedano, School Ship, launched in 1898.

Chacabuco, Cruiser, launched June 4, 1898. Ship was purchased by Chile in 1902. She was identical to the Japanese ship Takasago. Chacabuco remained in service with the Chilean navy until 1952.

Almirante Latorre, Battleship, launched Nov 17, 1913. The battleship was laid down as the Valparaiso. She was under construction in Britain for Chile when she was bought out by Britain on Sept 9, 1914 and renamed Canada (which happens to be where I am from). After completetion she joined the 4th Battle Squadron Grand Fleet in Oct 1915 with the Royal Navy. In 1916 she would take part in the famous Battle of Jutland. After the war she was sold back to Chile in Apr 1920 and renamed Almirante Latorre. There was a major refit between 1929-30. An interesting piece of history of this ship was in Sept 1931 the crew participated in a short mutiny. She served as flagship until 1958, and was scrapped in 1959.

Admiral Sir Louie Gomez, K.C.V.O., Captain Tomlin, C.M.G., M.V.O., R.N. (late H.M.S. "Canada"), and Officers, Chilean Battleship "Almirante Latorre." August 1st, 1920.

Submarine depot ship Araucano, launched Oct 22, 1929. She was also used as a flagship and training vessel. In 1958 she was discarded.

I would like to thank a Chilean naval officer for being interested in seeing what his old navy looked like on postcard. He inspired me to put this web page together.