From Collier to Carrier

USS Jupiter and USS Langley

The first U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier had it's beginnings as a US Navy collier. A collier is a ship which is designed to carry coal and resupply naval ships. The future carrier was collier USS Jupiter which was launched in 1912. She served in this capacity until 1919 when conversion to an aircraft carrier began. She was recommissioned as the aicraft carrier USS Langley in 1922. She participated in manueuvers, exhibitions, experimentation and pilot training. From 1936 to 1937 she was converted once again, this time to a seaplane carrier. With the outbreak of WWII she became involved in antisubmarine patrols, seaplane patrols, and aircraft transport. On the February 27, 1942 she was sunk while transporting aircraft by Japanese bombers with the loss of 16.

USS Jupiter c.1919

Some of the crew of the Jupiter

USS Jupiter coaling the USS Texas Feb 15, 1916.

USS Jupiter.

USS Langley.

USS Langley with bi-planes on board.

USS Langley passing through the Panama Canal.

USS Langley as a seaplane carrier.

USS Langley.